Get band 8 with Interpass: know the IELTS speaking techniques

Get band 8 with Interpass: know the IELTS speaking techniques

In order to clear any examination, you must know the tricks and strategies. You will find some very good tips, dos, and don’ts in Interpass. But, it’s also important to know the different parts of these examinations. The speaking techniques test also amplifies your personality. So, if you start working on this immediately, you get a score of Band 7 or even higher. There is a definite part of the IELTS speaking test. Examiners follow a certain pattern while conducting face-to-face interactions with you. It is mainly the same for the general and academic training process. So, you must gain knowledge about these specific parts.

The initial parts

When you go for the IELTS speaking test, the entire process is segregated into smaller sections. Part 1 is all about the introduction. Here, the examiner will mostly seek answers around you. In order to give a familiar environment, you will be asked about your academics, childhood, family, etc. For example, the examiner can ask you questions like “Do you spend the weekend with family?” or “Do you love pets?”. So, prepare with some basic personal questions to answer very confidently. Remember, the first appearance is the last impression.

The following sections

After finishing part one, the examiner will actually dive into the process. In part 2, you will be provided with some topics. Within one minute, you have to prepare and answer it properly. Examiner will listen to your answer generally for one to two minutes. You can easily find some simple questions and answers for practice. But it would be best if you could practice answering by yourself. Part 3 is most critical. Here you have to actually indulge in the conversations. Your examiner will develop cross answers with regards to the topics in part 2, and you have to discuss them. The part 3 discussion lasted for nearly 5 minutes. So, prepare yourself best to confidently get band 8.