Unlocking secrets- Rare pokémon locations in pokémon go

Unlocking secrets- Rare pokémon locations in pokémon go

Pokémon GO players, few things are as exciting as encountering a rare or powerful Pokémon in the wild while species are relatively common and impossible to find normal gameplay. However, with the right knowledge and strategy, even the rarest Pokémon be tracked down and added to your collection.

Regional exclusives

The biggest challenges Pokémon GO players face is finding the various regional exclusive Pokémon species only available in certain parts of the world. While traversing the globe may not be realistic for most, there are still ways to increase your chances of encountering these unique creatures closer to home. For example, Pokémon like Tauros (North America), Kangaskhan (Australasia), and Mr. Mime (Europe) be found near major international airports or hotels frequented by travelers from abroad. Similarly, large-scale events and conventions that draw sizable global crowds provide opportunities to catch region-locked species brought into the area.

Environment-specific spawns

buy pokemon go accounts species have a significantly higher likelihood of appearing in certain environments and areas based on their typing, traits, and natural habitats and taking advantage of these environmental connections is invaluable for targeted rare Pokémon hunting. For instance, water-based Pokémon like Lapras and Vaporeon tend to spawn much more frequently along coastlines, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water. Rock and ground-types such as Golem and Rhydon are far more common finds in mountainous or desert areas due to their terrain preferences.

Weather boosts

Pokémon GO’s dynamic weather system has had a major impact on which Pokémon species are most likely to appear during certain environmental conditions. Rare species often receive temporarily boosted spawn rates when weather patterns matching their typing are active.   For example, ice-types like the elusive Sneasel and Snorunt become far more common during snowy or windy conditions. Rainy weather brings a surge in water Pokémon spawns, with the potential to encounter ultra-rare species like Ferebas or Relicanth. Even partly cloudy weather increases the odds of spotting powerful dragon and flying Pokémon.

Mastering lure modules

While considered relatively common tools in Pokémon GO, lure modules still be an invaluable asset for attracting rare spawns when used strategically during ideal conditions. By placing lures near PokeStops located in specific areas increase your odds of encountering certain types of rare Pokémon. For example, PokeStops situated along coastlines or near other bodies of water often attract water-types when lures are used, some of which could be remarkably rare depending on the weather and other factors. Lures placed around parks and nature reserves tend to spawn an uptick in grass, bug, and other nature-oriented species. 

Crowdsourcing and community tools

The single greatest resources for locating rare Pokémon spawns are the worldwide community of players and their array of advanced crowdsourcing tools. By tapping into these channels, you’ll gain access to a wealth of real-time data and reports on rare sightings the moment they occur. Apps like PokeRaid allow users to report precise locations and mark areas where rare Pokémon have been spotted recently. These sightings even be filtered down to specific species you’re hunting, with in-app maps providing navigation directly to the encounter location. Talk about cutting out the middleman!