Cost Cutting Measures in Technology

Cost Cutting Measures in Technology

Couple of measures which needs to be taken for that cost cutting

Free software and OpenSource Program:

There are lots of free software and free programs can be found around the internet which we are able to use rather of compensated software.

For instance:

1: office work can be achieved on Open Office rather to cover MS-Office

2: Gimp may be used rather to pay for of Adobe Illustrator or any other graphic told

In the same manner many alternates are for sale to Antivirus, Media converters, office tools, Image Editors, DVD Burners, System Utilities etc. Without Doubt that compensated software cash more options than free software but with regards to cost cutting inside a legal way then alternated may be used.

Free Operating-system:

Most used operating-system Ms-Home windows that we’ve pay great deal but Linux operating-system is improving Daily and supply alternated to the majority of the features that is in Ms-Home windows and Linux is free of charge so for that normal usage like checking mails , browsing, watching movies and a few office work. linux can be simply used and perform each one of these functions.

Used and Re-furbished Personal Computers and laptops:

In Lots Of countries like Pakistan, India etc refurbished computer systems and laptops are often available and utilized by most of the users in order to save the price that is again a great choice. The majority of the work could be possible in Pentium 4 that is readily available in used then why to purchase core2Duo systems. In the same manner different computer and laptop parts can also be found and repair centers too.

Delegate the job:

In the united states like Pakistan, salaries are extremely under US, and due to we’ve got the technology, outsourcing can be done, the majority of the operational work could be delegate. Clerk in Pakistan have salary vary from Rs. 8,000 to 12,000 which is equivalent to US Dollar 100 to 150.

Kind of work that is presently delegate abroad:

Call centres

Sales & Marketing

Financial work

medical billing

Web & graphic designing


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